Why we do it

The children. The families. The young people. The seniors. 24 communities full of people with needs and dreams.

This is why Beyond Housing exists.

We started with housing because it's the place where families take shelter, live their lives, and dream their dreams for themselves and their kids. We realized, though, that houses don't stand alone any more than people do. For homes and families to thrive, they need the protective comfort of community, and that's what the staff, volunteers, and donors to Beyond Housing are focused on creating a strong and vibrant community that can sustain generations of families.

Come here to see what's going on in the lives of our families and communities. Watch the videos, read the stories, enjoy the photos. Celebrate with us the lives, accomplishments and potential of the people and communities we serve.

Season's Greetings
Season’s Greetings from your friends at Beyond Housing!
St. Louis Community Foundation
RWJF Culture of Health Prize
Recognized For Our Vision
24:1 Annual Community Meeting and Open House
On Tuesday, January 10th we were pleased to welcome over 200 of our friends and neighbors to the 24:1 Annual Community Meeting and Open House.
Anchor! The Pagedale Town Center
Pagedale residents, officials and business owners discuss the importance and the potential of the Pagedale Town Center to the Pagedale community.
Pagedale Proud!
Pagedale Residents share their vision, and community pride, about the evolution of their community.