We believe in the power of collective efforts to make a real impact


We began with housing in 1975, because we understood that home matters. Through our work, we learned that the true meaning of home – a place to shelter people and nurture dreams – can only happen in the context of a strong community.

Today, Beyond Housing helps communities become better places to live. Thriving communities support healthy families and children. They offer a sense of pride and ownership. They see people through a crisis and help them build their dreams into realities.

We are a comprehensive community development organization convening partners and providing leadership. From purchasing a home to health, education, jobs, and economic development, we offer holistic resources and support.

By strengthening communities, we empower the people and families who call their community home.

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At Beyond Housing, we are committed to promoting Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity throughout our organization and culture. We strive to understand and appreciate the individuality of every employee and create a better place to work for all. We nurture a culture where everyone positively acknowledges equity through action and is aware, understanding, and appreciative of diversity.

Our vision is to go beyond simple tolerance and fully embrace the things that make each person unique. We recognize that our employees’ differences support our ability to advance equity for the communities we serve. Further, we understand that equity is critical to the fulfillment of our mission to help entire communities become better places to live.

How we work

Our 24:1 Initiative was created to help solve the serious challenges facing the residents of the communities within the geographic boundaries of the Normandy school district.

First, we listen, bringing together residents and municipal leadership along with other community stakeholders, to identify the change they want.

Because we develop relationships built on trust, we can convene a variety of partners including financial, community, government, non-profit, and – always – grassroots citizens.

From there, we research solutions and provide recommendations to the community. Once complete, we identify and align resources.

Finally, we act, bringing together the resources to make the community’s vision happen.

It takes time. It’s a heavy lift. But, in our experience, this system-wide mobilization brings about something that is all too rare today: lasting success.

“We focus on practical solutions, the development of local leadership, economic opportunities and data based results.”

Where we work

Beyond Housing meets communities where they are. Through our “Ask, Align, Act” approach, the voice of the people drives our work.

By using the school district boundaries, we are able to align resources and partners around a specific area of help, allowing 24:1 to be more concentrated in our efforts and clearly measure success. We're also able to focus and build on the efforts of many who have been working together for many years to create a better community for themselves and generations to come.

The 24:1 Initiative already has generated results, from the first Pagedale grocery story in 40 years to providing affordable homeownership for community members. Our No. 1 focus, however, has been on improving education, because we know that at the core of a robust community is a strong public education system. Among the many initiatives and programs to help students and schools thrive has been the development of a Youth Continuum in partnership with the Normandy School Collaborative to support children from cradle to career.

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