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The 24:1 Initiative


Our region is only as successful as all of its communities. Which is why we believe creating strong, successful communities is in everyone’s best interests and vital to our region as a whole.

The 24:1 Initiative is a nationally-recognized community development effort created by Beyond Housing to address the fundamental challenges within the municipalities in the Normandy school district in North St. Louis County.

The 24:1 Initiative was influenced in part by the Aspen Institute’s Voices from the Field III, which is based on two decades of community change efforts. Within the study, the Aspen Institute identified several critical areas of focus necessary in making communities better places to live.

Our comprehensive approach addresses the key areas identified as crucial to community success—education, housing, health, job training and access, economic development, and personal finance—and integrates strategies at multiple levels, from individual programs to broader systemic and policy efforts.

We also believe in the power of collective impact. Beyond Housing works with a broader network of partner organizations that provide complementary services and institutional strengths.

No matter how informed our approach, no one knows a community better than the people who live there. Community engagement is another key point of difference and why our approach has been so successful where other efforts in our region and nationwide have fallen short. The voice of the community drives our actions because we know that the support and trust of the community is essential to the initiative’s success, its stakeholders and the residents we serve.

Key initiatives and Accomplishments:

What We Do - Kid Drawing
What We Do - Girls Walking


  • More than $100 million raised and invested into the community since 2010

  • Over $60 million invested in Construction Projects for Housing and Economic Development

  • Pagedale Town Center – A new town center on Page Avenue that includes a new multi-plex cinema, coffeehouse and café, retirement center, bank, financial center, healthcare facility and the first grocery store in Pagedale in 40 years giving residents access to affordable, healthy food.

  • 24:1 Municipal Government Partnership – Local municipalities now collaborate on key services improving services for citizens and saving municipalities over $1 million.

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Engaged families


  • Service Enriched Rental Housing – Combines quality, affordable rental housing with supportive services including case management, budgeting, and crisis intervention/resources, stabilizing families and the entire community.

  • $4.5 Million Awarded for Home Repair

  • Family Engagement Liaisons – 12 FELs work in the Normandy school district to connect families to resources, services, and information to help students succeed.

What We Do - 241 Cinema
What We Do


  • Upgraded Accreditation for Normandy School District – Thanks to the work of our Family Engagement Liaisons and others, the Normandy school district’s accreditation was recently upgraded to “provisional.”

  • Infant Mortality Reduced by 30% from 2013 – 2016

  • Childhood obesity rates down 18% since 2013

  • Viking Advantage – A special savings account that matches every $1 a student saves with $3 for college. Resulting in over 1,700 college savings plans for local students.

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