Our Approach


No one knows more about their community than the people who call it home.
Our Approach - Ask Align Act

No one has a greater stake in seeing their community succeed than community members. No effort will succeed over the long term without the community’s support.

That’s why listening to and acting from the voice of the community has been a foundational principle at Beyond Housing from the beginning.

Our Approach - Meetings
In the process of launching the 24:1 Initiative, we hosted 450 community meetings. Community ideas and feedback shaped everything from the 24:1 name to the building of the 24:1 Cinema.


Our Approach - Holistic
People don’t live their lives in silos. Isolated solutions cannot fix broken systems. Helping entire communities become better places to live requires addressing the entire range of community needs.

Children who don’t know where they will sleep at night struggle to learn. Parents without jobs can’t maintain stable housing. Communities that can’t provide stable housing, access to healthy food, economic development, and adequate services also lack resources to provide a strong education. The barriers to success for families and communities continue to multiply.

Our 24:I Initiative is a perfect example of how Beyond Housing meets communities where they are to meet the full range of needs they identify.


Our Approach - Collective Impact
Collective impact occurs when organizations from different sectors come together to solve a specific social problem using a common agenda. They align their efforts and use common measures of success to make a lasting, positive difference.

Beyond Housing is a convening organization. Using the collective impact model, we bring civic leaders, targeted nonprofits, and corporate partners together to accomplish more for their communities than they could ever hope to achieve working alone. This innovative framework provides a backbone of proven best practices to catalyze lasting benefits for the community.

Our Approach - Hug
Our Approach - Playground