Vision 24:1

We have expanded to the entire Normandy School District the work that has begun in Pagedale to stabilize and improve housing, help families identify and obtain educational, employment and support services, build community leadership capacity, and promote economic development.

Regional & Place-Based Programs

Beyond Housing works across the St. Louis region and in targeted communities to strengthen neighborhoods, one family at a time.

Our programs are designed to overcome the barriers that may prevent families and communities from achieving their long-term goals. These barriers may include inadequate housing, lack of education, unemployment, short-term financial or other crises, insufficient community leadership, or other factors.

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Regional Programs

Foreclosure Services

Service-Enriched Rental Housing

Homeownership Center

Place Based Programs

Vision 24:1 Community Building Initiative

  • Housing
  • Economic Development
  • Community Leadership Capacity
  • Case Management Services
  • Individual Development Accounts
  • Youth Programs
  • Food Pantry