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Executive Staff

Chris Krehmeyer
(314) 533-0600 x17

Deb Dombar
Chief Operating Officer
(314) 533-0600 x11

Dennis Lutz
Chief Financial Officer
(314) 533-0600 x40

Jacqueline Hamilton
Chief Development Officer
(314) 533-0600 x31

Operations Staff

Denise Harper
Director of Human Resources
(314) 533-0600, x36

Cory Eichorn
Manager Program Compliance and Reporting
(314) 533-0600, x48

Stephanie Co
Special Assistant to President/CEO
(314) 643-8929

Princella Potter
Executive Assistant
(314) 533-0600 x18

Sheronda Williams
Customer Service Representative
(314) 533-0600 x10

Development Department Staff

Andrea Hale
Volunteer and Special Events Specialist
(314) 533-0600 x21

Alex Foerst
Giving Manager
(314) 533-0600 x49

Finance Department Staff

Steve Jansen
Director of Accounting
(314) 533-0600 x34

Steve Salstrom
Senior Accountant
(314) 533-0600 x15

Gabe Mitchell
CLT Senior Accountant
(314) 533-0600 x47

Curt Godier
CLT Staff Accountant
(314) 533-0600 x29

Brooke McLaughlin
(314) 533-0600 x13

Wuakita White
Accounts Payable Specialist and Purchasing Coordinator
(314) 533-0600 x12

Anne Chrun
Accounting Clerk
(314) 533-0600 x19

Community Land Trust Staff

Nona Goforth
Community Lending Corporation Manager

Tim Tucker
CLT Acquisitions Manager

Community Engagement Staff

Vontriece McDowell
Director of Community Engagement
(314) 691-6674

Shonté Byrd
Resident Support Services Coordinator
(314) 862-0639 x17

Ted Simpson
Community & Support Services Manager
(314) 862-0639 x15

Barbara Cotton
Community Outreach Manager

Education Staff

Vikki Collier
Director of Education
(314) 757-5602

Letitia Slack
Education Project Coordinator
(314) 399-9865

Lindsey Noblot
Education Resource Manager
(314) 737-8774

Family Engagement Liaisons

Joan Lee
Family Engagement Liaison Coordinator
(314) 803-9102

Family Engagement Liaisons

Na’Jeana Henderson
Lead Family Engagement Liaison

Tanzania Haynes
Sevin Wynn
Brittainy Gates
Dominic Avant
Frondel Green
Ivy Word
Jeff Miller
Kendra Uko
Mary Mantei
Myra Jordan
Sean Jones
Tobias Lampkin

Pagedale Family Support Center

Terry Wilson
Youth Programs Manager
(314) 862-0639 x11

Alice Wilson
Youth Programs Coordinator
(314) 862-0639 x13

Ja’Von Adams
Lead After School Instructor
(314) 862-0639

Ronnell Crowley
After School Instructor
(314) 862-0639

Darius Mosley
After School Instructor

Financial Advising Services Staff

Eric Zegel
Director of Financial Advising
(314) 533-0600 x50

Gloria Brainsby
Financial Advising Manager
(314) 533-0600, x41

James McGowan
Viking Advantage Program Coordinator
(314) 862-0639, x12

Stacey Preston
Lending Manager
(314) 533-0600 x26

Daniel Rutledge
Loan Processor/Closer
(314) 533-0600 x30

Kyra Bland
Homeownership Advisor
(314) 533-0600 x37

Camille Branch
Homeownership Education Coordinator
(314) 533-0600 x46

Denitra Day
Homeownership Coordinator
(314) 533-0600 x33

Teresa Quinn
Homeownership Specialist
(314) 533-0600 x42

Foreclosure Intervention Services Staff

Linda Ingram
Foreclosure Interventions Manager
(314) 533-0600 x43

Michele Chapel
Foreclosure Intervention Advisor
(314) 533-0600 x38

Emily Komos
Foreclosure Intervention Counselor
(314) 533-0600 x37

Housing and Economic Development Staff

Stacy Jose
Director of Housing and Economic Development
(314) 581-2950

Elliot Liebson
Economic Development Specialist
(314) 219-9924

Becky Reinhart
Healthy Communities Coordinator
(314) 537-1407

Housing Staff

Nichole Wiseman
Housing Resources Manager
(314) 932-1079

Kimberly Burse
Rental Housing Resource Specialist

Charlin Hughes
Rental Housing Resource Specialist
(314) 435-6455

Cheryl Johnson
Rental Housing Resource Specialist
(314) 435-0048

Ava Smith
CLT Homeownership Steward
(314) 565-4932

Cory Dickens
Rental Housing Manager
(314) 932-1322 x17

Nicole Davies
Property Manager
(314) 932-1322 x12

Jasmine Cobb
Senior Building Property Manager
(314) 932-1322

Keshia Smith
Occupancy Specialist
(314) 932-1322 x16

Theresa Jackson
(314) 932-1322 x11

Maintenance Technicians

Anthony Clark
Doug Neff
James Jordan
Jason Bright
Josh Rineberg
Jim Pope
Troy Pitts
Sam McNeal III

24:1 Construction Company Staff

Roy Wagman
Asset/Business Manager

Britton Clemons
Rehab Manager

Jacqui Davis
Demolition Manager

Rick Freund

Edwin Dodd
Demolition Operator

Jeremiah Millett
Assistant Demolition Operator

Harry Williams
CLT Home Repair Inspector

Robert Howard
Construction Tech I

Jerry Dowell
Lead Laborer


Charles Sims
John Moser
Chris Hughes
Branden Williams
Corliss Davies
Deonte Fisher
Calvin Miller Jr.

24:1 Community Land Trust Cinema

David King
General Manager
(314) 750-6963

Sheena Bowers
Assistant Manager
(314) 536-3422

Eddie Mae Washington
(314) 327-3602

Municipal Government

Caroline Ban
Manager of Government Affairs
(314) 824-8818

Brian Krueger
CLT Resource Manager for Municipalities
(314) 605-7113

Linda Nguyen
Municipal Specialist
(314) 764-5630