Ode to My Father

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What I said at my father’s funeral over 8 years ago.

A Simple Man

He was a man of few words; but, when he spoke, we all listened.

He was a giving man who never asked for anything for himself.

He was a hard working man who took pride in everything he did.

He lived his life with dignity and character and, from those around him, he expected the same.

He found his soulmate and loved her every day. Being with her brought him his greatest joy.

He raised two sons, taught them to work hard and give back.

He watched them grow and beamed as they did well.

He became a grandfather and doted on these little ones who made him smile.

He became sick; but, he never complained.

He left us; but, he smiled as he went to assure us that it’s OK.

He left us a legacy of love. It’s our job to carry on.

He’ll be watching over us. . . .Dave Krehmeyer, A Simple Man.




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